this web site is under construction and I just starting throwing stuff together with no sense of purpose yet, in the months to come it will be made clearer with info, and links, so you can look at certain theories I have, in Physics, occult mysteries, and other things that I believe in and followed, Some info will change as sometimes, like any good investigator, the Model changes as we get more info or realize that certain info just doesnt make sense as we always get new information or when things are looking good towards a discovery the path is blocked and we look at other threads of info to prove its wrong or right......

A little about myself I am a Industrial Architect with over 25 yrs experience in the field ,i design Refineries and Mines, recycling plants, etc, you get the picture. I have a great reputation in this field and in demand to keep projects delivered on time i have travelled to improve my expertise in this field and paid off. I was always told and re-enforced that I was smart, outside of the box or free thinker that I come up with solutions etc...

     But with this praise through out my life I had this belief that most people on this planet is blind too, I believed in Aliens, not God, I believed in Deep state, 9-11 conspiracies as soon as I saw those Buildings drop I knew a plane cant do that... It was a controlled demolition..I believed Hitler Survived,, I believe the Ark Of Covenant was in the Pyramid of GIZA., etc..How my Interest in Dr.Richard Hoagland and Hyperdimensional Physics opened my belief that there is a great possibility of inner or  more specimen there has to be a great energy in the middle of earth, it be mineral or inner sun.. I believe in Atlantis. But what had me confused is do I believe in Prophesy? Nostrodamis, church, etc.... I was confused.. Prophesy had me look into the dollar bill, The Mason's and church art..and again Ancient Civilizations

     I was God fearing, believed the World was a big rock and we are lucky that we are here alive through evolution.

      That all changed one morning when I was 10-11 YRS OLD. and I refused to believe anything that was forced fed to me or what society tells me is true. religion that tells me what to think. I decided It was time to learn how to think and never stop to question.

, i had opened my mind to great possibilities if i dropped the shackles on my mind.

Now being close to 50 I will put my Beliefs on paper. I will put my Theories through out these pages.. Hope that people could look into it or even come up with their own theories and possibly share our thoughts and have an open dialogue that will open up different avenues of investigation. I belief this is our right our duty to this planet to the people etc... I luv the quote that great power comes great responsibility and hopefully after all this and the changes with in humanity, that we can live in a society where free energy is a reality and Oil industry is crushed and our planet as a whole will live in a time of healing and great prosperity...

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Hint: the all seeing eye
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Hint: the all seeing eye

the question we need to ask is , about The last supper, Is this coincidence? The Emerald TABLETS Indicated this same scene. So do we choose to believe, or believe in coincidence? Do we believe that the Mathematical Genius Davinci didn't Hide Messages in his Painting and this is coincidence..? So be it.

Do we Not Believe Herodutus and Plato? When all their writings are know to be true except Atlantis? It is a very interesting question. So lets take a look and judge for ourselves..

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Mirrored Exercise last supper

The Mirrored Last supper

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           History tells us what we are suppose to believe in. LETS LOOK into History, dispassionately I believe Plato, hence Atlantis was real , Thoth, Sumerian gods, and Paganism Witchcraft( Secret of the Egyptians.) Everything revolves around Paganism, Masons, Coral Castle , Oak Island, HD Physics. The Key is Solomons Key, Let me present a case, and you decide for yourself , and enjoy...If you believe after this ,you will see the Catholic Religion foundation was created on a lie. Actually any one God Religion. You will see that the Masons , Vatican , Powerful individuals suppressed this technology from us. Coral Castle is a Key from Paganism Symbols and can be recreated (SOLOMONS KEY). King Solomon(Pagan)had and knows the power of the Ark. Buried it deep.(Till Templars) The symbols are all around us but we choose to ignore, Masonic, Vatican Art is filled with hidden meaning and knowledge, but if you choose to say its coincidence and if we choose to believe, it seems no matter how CRAZY it sounds I conclude the Anti-Christ is coming, sounds strange when I do not believe in God.. Take a look and Judge for yourself.... Does anyone see it this way? I wonder... Mind Blown.!!! Being Canadian I'm going to get something legal and smoke something...Also what has me Staying up is  with HD Physics and Pagan\Masonic Belief that we can finally answer the question is there an inner sun and an inner earth....Lets find out..

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                            SPECTEMUR AGENDO                                                     

                      The Illuminati said To follow the path of Illumination, I WILL take you  on this journey of the path of Illumination. This path of Knowledge  an Amazing world of spirit, energy Aether and magic as "ONE" What ever you want to call it,  I call it energy...……                                  

What if I told you The Ark of the covenant is a energy(matter) / anti -energy(matter) device.                           

EVERY PERSONS QUESTION, DO ALIENS EXIST...!! YES THEY DO                              We need to uncover this veil of History,   I will present  and put together, What I believe is our true history. JUDGE FOR YOURSELF.  In this youtube and social network generation of taking peoples attention away from seeking knowledge .I will present a history and look at it objectively , will change your outlook of what is taught in school ,Rekigion, Science, Etc. I hope that it will give the next generation like my kids and other  generations to know the truth and question our history and Dare I say question the inner earth theory and  to state my case through Dr.R Hoaglands help that there has to be a inner sun for HyperDim Physics to work here on earth and the Ancient pyramids involvement with it and connect it to the Universe..                                                                       

Pictured above Emerald tablet

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Mirrored Light(peace)
Mirrored dark(war)