The story of the American political cabal so powerful that it has been able to repress knowledge of its existence for 50 years, and the hidden history of the political force that has dominated American politics for the last 50 years.


About 25 years ago, I became curious about the everything, Religion(one god or many gods), are gods aliens, JFK assassination, suppressed technology, hitlers drive and motivation, Thule Society ,secret societies etc. But my major motivation is history. WWII , Crusades, templars, and ancient civilizatios, to ancient religion and the debate of the one true religion. I want to know everything and be my own judge in this matter. so I started to read some books and to do some internet research on the topics. What started as a minor interest has grown over the years to a substantial passion of mine. I now have hundreds of books on the topics of the JFK assassination and of the ensuing history of political corruption in the United States and Catholic church.  I have discovered a hidden political history of the United States, a history that has not been covered by the mainstream media and that can only be found by those who search it out. The federal government is much more corrupt than is generally known unless you look into it. They have been know to bend history to favour themselves, followed by lies and corruption. The forces of  corruption are so powerful that they have succeeded in preventing the major news outlets in this country from covering this corruption. However, the freedom of the press has allowed the truth to be written in books. A community of people who read many books has discovered a hidden history of America with corruption so profound and scary that it shocks the sensibilities of most Americans and drives the mainstream press to seek comfort in official government lies. The history of this covert battle for the heart of American Democracy is filled with stories. The demand that every citizen learn this history.

 Then the question is who can we turn to?

Turn to the church and God? People turn to religion in a time of need. Who do I turn to when my belief is not what billions of people believe. A world I  see and feel to be true, but gets laughed at. I choose to believe But the days are changing when we see more people able to question if gods exist and if its a Sumerian God an Alien God or some sick joke. I've made my decision in my belief system.. 

When we have a social network generation of people interested in tweeting or some cute youtube video that steals your attention away from things that matter.  Kids are not interested in history that Chris Columbus discovered America, Or Darwinian look at History through the eyes of Christian belief and looking at worms... Sorry I don not buy that, and never did.  History has been written by the victorious and will embellish to fit them in a light that is favourable. When I educated my Son on my Belief system he wanted to know more, he was engaged and he discovered things and opened his eyes.... We know Atlantis existed .. I know Thoth existed.. I hope after the jumping point of what I show you will engage you to look into  and discover history and seek knowledge instead of repeating the same rhetoric from TV...I Hope this will help you question everything and demand answers Or at least to see a bigger world we where led to believe and maybe its time to start to question the church. I hope you enjoy the site as I will be updating it as much as possible in the weeks , months and years ahead...