What if I told you why we continually get reincarnated here on earth?

That are energy (our SOULS) are enslaved to this earth as well as our lives....and this is not including the slavery here on earth but outside our planet...

the secret of oak island ,

Corral Castle,

Nicola Tesla (Energy, Frequency, Vibration) but still didn’t see both sides, as light energy has dark energy(33)

the secret the dollar bill holds when you know what you are looking at, (ark, 13, 33, anti-Christ, eye of truth believe what you see)


with North Korea, Putin ,Iran, Trump, Church, Senate, the elite Nazis that are the puppet masters,  and the great evil step-brother( the Dark,Enlil)....

let me start with some history and open your mind before I give the secrets of the universe...

earth was living peacefully ,CONNECTED Spiritually to all, then Atlantis gets destroyed (Eye of Sahara), Thoth a survivor of Atlantis preached the one

connection where spirit and energy is one.. the tree of life..

This new path of History will be hard to understand as we are brainwashed excepting Religious view of history if and when we unveil this history it will be hard to except as Plato is not believed in this one epic description of Atlantis. Are we to believe that of everything that Plato stood for and his writing that atlantis is the only thing that he lied about? I choose to believe Plato and ALL HIS writings is a true writing of history DAMN RIGHT. The Ignorant will still choose to not believe, but I am not here to convince anyone. I am here to write down my thoughts and untangle this web of history that we are in....The question is how can I present it, that everyone can understand it... 

I will present it in 3 Volumes. Here For Everyone(Simplest) 2- Book to present it scientifically. 3-  Undecided..