The pic on the right, is we need to understand that this was not a place for a body as History is telling us. This does not house the Ark but is placed over it, (think plugging in a wall socket...) 

there is 2 points I want to make Concerning the damage,THE Damage as seen in this pic and A crack running through the Pyramid. The damage here is about the Tablets, Thutmoses made the Tablets out of the top of this Granite cube.. While wrestling and chipping away he was destabilizing the Ark. The pyramids shook causing amazing things for the energy above the pyramid to do, it was frightening for the Israelites. Angry God...The final ending with the Anti-matter getting out of suspension and the great burst of energy followed causing the major crack in the pyramid..  ((((will continue updating in futur.(((


Hint: Alignment, Above, Mag North , A placement, coral Castle Egyptian Paganism witchcraft.....