Trump is no leader Kap...

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Trump, what was wrong with Kneeling down with Kap and asking him "what is wrong Kap I am listening" He will tell you … He will tell you about the struggle of the black man, he is hurting , maybe lost not knowing who to turn to?? then you attack the man...

listen to him, the struggle of the muslims, women, gay, lesbian, Immigrants the struggle when they only want to be accepted, respected to love there children, father and mother.. to know when Kaps children anyones daughter and son that when they leave the house it be Muslim , jewish, Lesbian, Black white any skin tone that they will be safe, treated Equally and to return home safe without racist taunts, or be sexually assaulted....you listened , and then you tell him he cant do it alone, Presindent cant do it alone... but together as president and Kap we will attack Racism, equal rights, we will call a summit of state police community leaders etc, get Kap ,the me too movement, LGBT ETC … Get them all TOGETHER and put them front and center to attack the injustices that these groups are fighting for everyday...but you think of yourself.. if I had the power I would of removed you long ago from that seat of power...but I see the corruption that surrounds your life.... You will never understand the responsibility of a leader

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