It is all about alignment, angles from stars(and sun) alignment of magnetic North, It takes a full year to get this alignment.. I will get into more detail with my book on the recreation of coral castle..also why Tesla, Coral Castle, Pyramid, Vatican(St Peters Tomb), have these deep wells....

Alignment Magnetic North, Height



Lets Take a step back and look into the similarities  of the Pyramids, Coral Castle the Vatican, the Oxford Church The Luxor Hotel and Washington ,etc. First of all you will see that there is an Alignment to Magnetic North, in all cases. Does this say Coincidence or they know something  that has been kept from us? the secret of the pyramids(Pagan Religion) As Ed (Coral Castle mentions that he knows the secret of the Pyramids)And the answer is  all around Coral Castle  in  book of Solomons key (we will call it Witchcraft here as I like the wording instead of Tesla energy field, Hutchingson Effect, Or the Secret of the Egyptians, or even HD Physics, Ion Field, Aether, etc)