An Atom is the smallest structure that exerts all 4 physical forces. These forces are transmitted by a group of particles called Bosons.

Bosons interact with protons(hadrons) and electrons(leptons).

Hadrons= are agents of time

Leptons=are agents of space

so bosons are messengers between the agents of time and space

Every physical force has an observed particle, EXCEPT gravity. Gravity is not a Particle field..but a warping field,or another abstract notion of concentration that emerges exclusively from the agent of time.

Like gravity time itself is also an abstract concept lacking physical tangibility.

In contrast to gravity, the other bosons originate from space(complexity) because space has a tangible nature.

These abstract (time) and physical(space) bosons coordinate changes in the organization of symbols between the regions of space and mins space...A boson is an embodiment of attraction. They are subdivided by size and complexity. The subdivision contributes to the strength of each boson... Reference Richard Hutchison (Hutchison Effect) youtube….

Bosons of the size subdivision, like gravity are weaker than bosons of the complexity subdivision. However , strength is also a function of distance , The strong , weak, and Electromagnetic bosons are strongly interactive over very short distances. In Contrast, gravity interacts weakly over very long distances. There are features of electromagnetism, such as radiation and electrostatics , which along with gravity, interact weakly over very long distances....

 conclusion to follow...…………

String theory( Vibration).