this is the picture of the Ark that the public is    fed continuously. This is not the covenant but a symbol of the Ark              


Above is the TRUE look of the Ark of the Covenant..                                                         

This is where the schematic of Pyramid and the Basilica and Coral Castle will start to reveal itself.                                                                                    

AND The Con Of the Church to the Catholics and the non-believers..          

this will be the Location of Energy \anti energy(our spirit connection),will show itself, when and if the Ark is discovered by the church.. This is the   Con.

We see when we look at an Architectural Dwg. of St Peters, we see the similarities to the Tesla Tower Pictured in the background, And Alignments in place to create an energy( ION) field like Coral Castle.. Hint: See Washington DC

WASHINGTON MONUMENT \     ARK                


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